2000 Nickels

An option for change.


93 down, 5 to go. John Siracusa annouced that he will end his Hypercritical podcast after episode 100. As the unoffical sabermetrician of Siracusa Country, I have to ask the question, “How much time do we have before the end of Hypercritial?” Here’s the data:

The easiest way is just to take the average of all the episode lengths (96.3 minutes, excluding the very short episode 54 and the Kindacritial episode 79) and multiply it by the 5 remaining episodes. That gives an estimate of 481.7 minutes.

But what is the most likely episode length? A cumulative distribution will show the data more clearly:

Here we can see that most common episode length was 102 minutes, which occured 6 times. So the most likely remaining length is 510 minutes (5 times 102). Use that estimate for your office pool, where the closest guess wins the toaster and everyone else gets nothing.